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A project by Tom Haines. You can find some background in this early post; more here; and here. Stay tuned for additional dispatches.

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  1. James Wilhelm #

    A few questions:
    1. Where are you walking?
    2. Do you talk outloud to yourself when walking?
    3. Are you in favor of fracking? Esp given your Pittsburgh roots

    May 21, 2014
    • Tom #

      A few answers:
      1. Northeast McKenzie County generally. I have a route mapped out, but almost every piece of it is likely to change as I go. I’ll post a detailed map once I’m done.
      2. Of course.
      3. Well, I have a natural gas boiler in my basement that keeps my house warm. I burn gasoline in my car, and just flew on a plane that burned jet fuel, both products of crude oil. Point is, we all live in a world that requires this stuff. So like all of us, I suppose I support the industry through my actions. That said: I also believe that we’re changing the earth in ways that we don’t understand. That our energy appetites are changing the climate and threatening individual landscapes, not to mention in some cases the health and welfare of people who live in those places. As the oil and gas man sitting next to me on the plane yesterday said: “Something’s got to give.” Exploring all of that is what this journey is all about. More on this once I’m back.

      May 21, 2014

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