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Again, to the source…

This time last year, I set out on an uncertain project: walking across the Bakken oil field in the prairie of North Dakota. I was searching for stories about how our energy appetite changes people and places so often unseen. I found a lot. I shared some on this blog and elsewhere.

I was hooked on this odyssey: moving close to the earth to consider how we live in the natural world today. So I walked on last August, across the Marcellus Shale country of New York and Pennsylvania. Scroll down for dispatches of encounters and anecdotes on the ground during those first two journeys.

It’s time to walk again. Tomorrow, I head on foot into the coal country of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The 12 mines here produce 40 percent of the coal in America. 

Here is a coal train headed to market yesterday afternoon.

I arrived in Wyoming two days ago and have been sorting my route as I wait out weather that shifts between sun and rain. This is the sky one hour after the coal train rolled by.


The forecast has cleared just in time, so stay tuned for updates over the days ahead. I may post less frequently, as coverage is spotty. But I’ll catch up when back, if needed.

Thanks for reading.

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